Criticks from spesialshow in Svelvik 2017.judge Karen Edwards.

oo3 open youth Bertrand

20 mnd slight boy in between coats at the mom.lovel head/expr. good mouth /pigm, g.lenght in up.arm, would prefer a slight moore length of shoulder.Rib is deep and corr shape ,would pref a slight longer loin, corr hind ang/tailset ,mooves freely and would like more frontexsten.

very good. 

0017 veteran Beren

8.1/2 y,blue trikolour,prefer a little more of him allover.and slightly more length,stronf head,eyse tones with coat.level bite,front-and hindquart are balanced, nice deep chest,with correct length, would prefer more length of back,high set tail,but a very happy boy

very good nr 4 veteran

0024 open youth female    Billboa Line

20 mnd, pretty girl going through her coatchange,g head,strong pigm.eyes turn with coatcolour ,lovely reach of neck,very g up.arm,realy shaped rib.depth will come,g croup,well angled hind,quart,nice tailset ,g temp,moved well

very good

0025 open clas Beate

4 1/2 ,very nice outline,dark slate girl,lovely head and exsr.prefer darker eyes,nice reach of neck,g length of up.arm,g sternum, nice length of rib,short loin,well angul,rear low tailset ,moved well

excellent nr 2  

Beate with 6 CAC still waiting for the internatinale CAC for title

Champion Beren as his first veteran international show

Bertrand open Youth 18 mnth

Now ready for his championtitle at 2 years of age

National show in Manger ;judge Rune Fagerstrøm 
Bertrand BOB and Bettan Just Right BOS and cac.

National show in Manger ;judge Rune Fagerstrøm
Bertrand BOB and Bettan Just Right BOS and cac.

Bertrand BOB and BOG 1.Judge Nina Karlsdotter

Bertrand NKK kristiansand

So happy for his stady temprement ,

Beate kritikk NKK kristiansand

So happy for her stady calm and gentle temprement as mother to Bertrand And Baisen .

Baisen kritikk NKK Kristiansand

First show and shows stady temprement .

Show in 2017

Norwegian Bearded Collie Club in Svelvik 2017 ;judge Karen Edwards

Bertrand ,very good

Beren     ,very good

Billboa Line ;very good

Beate         ;exc




International Show in Bergen; judge Annette Bystrup (DK)

Bertrand ; exc, ck, CAC ,CACIB and BOS

Beren ; 1 veteran ,exc,ck Best male nr 2

Beate ;exc, 1 ak

National Show in Varhaug 8-9 march 2017

Day 2 Judge ;Zorica Salijevic

Beren exc,ck best Veteran BOS

Maja exc,ck CAC and BOB

Baisen exc,ck CAC 2 nd best female



Day 1; Theo Leenen

Beren exc,ck best Veteran and BOB

Maja exc,ck CAC and BOS

Baisen ; VG 



Norwegian Kenne Club in Kristiansand  ,march ;judge Anne-Chaetrine Edoff

T-BOB's Bertrand   ; 1auk,exc

T-BOB's Beate  ;1ak exc

T-BOB's "Baisen" first show  ;1 jk,exl,2jkk



Ølen Etne Vindafjord ; 11.02.2017 ;Judge Nina Karlsdotter

TBOB's Bertrand The FLyin Star ;BOB and BOG 1

T-BOB's Bettan Just Right ; Excl, 2 Best female




Lethohallen 21-22 januar ; Beylon og Beoncy  

Judge ;Arne Foss ..Beylon,ck exc,  Best Male

                             Beoncy Best,ck BOB veteran ,


Ølen Etne Vindafjord 12 februar judge Nina Karlsdotter ; Maya,Bertrand ,Beylon ,Natterjack Blue Bounty as veteran

NKK Bø ????

Nordhordland hundeklubb 25-26 februar judge Rune Fagerstrøm ; Bertrand ,Maya

Norwegian Kennel Club Kristiansand ; Bertrand ,Beate

Norwegian Kennel Club Bergen; Beylon, Beren, Bertrand, Beate,Maja,Beoncy

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