Buddy (not shown)

owner Richard

Champion Børre ;Baybay (not shown yet)

Anne Lene havre

Champion T-BOB's Browny on west Meadow (passed away 14.5 years old ),Bertrand

Owner Olav Vik.

Bertrand (son of Billbo)

T-BOB 'sBieber alias Teddy (not shown )

Owner Julia

Baisen winning BOS ,ck and CAC, karmøy 2018

NUCH T-BOB's Balance And harmoney "Bimbo

Own by Gretha at kennel Midleland

Bulle T-BOB's Brown Sunny Day.Not shown

Owner Sandra

NUCH T-BOB's Bond In Black "Børre"HD A,mentaltestet .

(NUCH DKKVV-16 Beoncy-
NatterjackBlue Bounty) ,passed away nearly 9 years old ),

NUCH DK champion

Bau from
(NUCH T-BOB*s Britney the Norwegian way-
(GB Champion Bendale Spesial Time "Leo").

Champion T-BOB's Blossom.(Død 13 1/2 år gammel) Champion Batist .Død 10.5 år gammel

Bau død 6.01.2018 .11 1/2 år

Champion Britney The Norwegian Way.Dod 13 1/2 år gammel

NUCH T-BOB's Beverly On In A Million. Død 14 år gammel

Champion Cæcar

T-BOB's Beate My Presios-
NJV-11 NUCH T-BOB's Beylon

T-BOB's Bettan Just Right i farta

T-BOB's Bettan Just Right i farta

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